Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? I'm based in Maidenhead but will travel. Contact my mum to discuss the costs involved.

Have you had lots of tests? I am a very healthy boy. My Grandpaw and dad have been FN (Familial Nephropathy) tested and are clear and prcd-PRA (eye disease) clear by parentage and Luxating Patella (joints) examined manually - very good.

How are you treated by your mum? Very well!! Although I am a stud dog and not owned by a 'breeder' my mum voluntarily abides by all relevant parts of The Cockapoo Club of GB Code Of Ethics (which specifically applies to breeders). She just thinks that its the best way to treat me! You can see what that entails if you click here.

Have you got any Testimonials from your girlfriends? Give me a chance, I only started in March 22! My Grandpaw received loads. Here is one heecieved from Nessie's mum: Hi Arnie's Mum. It was lovely to see you on facebook yesterday! As promised here are some pictures of Nessie, feel free to use them if you want to (you can see them in the Gallery) . Honestly we have had the most fantastic experience with April & her mum and have got the most wonderful pup. She is our first ever dog and we think we have been so lucky....so far so good!!! April's mum said how laid back Arnie was so we think Nessie has that personality. We love the fact she is very cockery (!) and she is so beautiful, completely different to her brothers. We saw the litter every week until we brought Nessie home which was lovely and April's human bothers were brilliant at socialising the puppies, Nessie is so easy with everyone. We have been back to see April and her mum and are going to invite them all over in the New Year, we are only 45 minutes away which is lovely. I can provide others on request!

Guide to Bear's dating speak
GSOH - Great Sort Of Hound,
OMG: Outside Muching Grass,
WTF - Where's the Food?,
ELW - enjoys long walks,
EO - loves eating out (of bins),
LFL - looking for love,
WLT- waggy long tail,
CWN - cold wet nose,
CNF- cute n fluffy,
NLC - needs lovely cuddles,
BCP- breeds cute pups,
LCC- likes chasing cats,
CDT- can do tricks,
TMT- tickle my tummy.

Love Letters to my Grandpaw

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